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The Ebook version of the Art of Work translation is now available on Amazon (click here). You can still purchase the paper booklet here.

Scroll Cover FinalThe companion book to the translation, The Scroll is now online here. This is the novel of Kohelet’s life and how he came to write Ecclesiastes.

The first book in the Cor Series, The Hammer, is available here. These are Young Adult fantasy novels that are based on Kohelet’s wisdom.

The second book in the Cor Series, The Medallion, has just been released on Amazon and is available here. You can read sample chapters and learn more about the writing of these epic novels here.


Ancient Advice for a Better Life

More than two thousand years ago, a wisdom writer composed a brief but profound book on the significance of all human endeavors. As mankind’s oldest text on the subject, his potent words remain applicable to people from every culture, class, race and faith.

His writings (known today as Ecclesiastes or Kohelet) were intended to instruct his readers on how to find joy in their work, even in a broken world. But as time passed, the words of this ancient sage were obscured by teachings and traditions that made it impossible to hear the author’s voice.

The translation you are about to read is the result of my lifelong dedication to understand and apply the message of Kohelet to my own life. I have discovered, and I believe you will as well, that as you meditate on these ancient words, Kohelet’s reflections on the realities of life will eventually lead you to a sweet place of contentment.  –  Vance Neudorf