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By on April 24, 2014 in Ecclesiastes, God, joy, Pleasure, Spirituality, Vanity, Youth with No Comments

COMMENT http://lifeisajest.wordpress.com You’re walking along—doesn’t matter where, or when, for that matter, if the lighting is good—and you pass a window. One of those floor-to-ceiling types of things that catch your feet and way past your head all in one frame. It’s dark on the other side, creating the perfect mirror effect to display your […]

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Julia posted an interesting poem. http://hellopoetry.com/poem/649203/ecclesiastes/ Ecclesiastes You ask me what I feel & think (because the two are distinctly their own) about the utter absurdity & pointlessness of life & out the windows cars go by & up in space meteors fly & sitting in this vinyl booth is me; not alive long enough […]

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By on February 16, 2014 in Answers, Kohelet, Koheleth, Meaningless, Work, Youth with No Comments

ONLINE QUESTION Sooner or later every person comes to the message of Ecclesiastes. This short biblical book is the skeptic’s view of life and faith. The author was Solomon, I believe, and he would most likely have written this near the end of his life, though he still had some years left in him. But […]

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