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By on February 22, 2014 in Answers, Ecclesiastes, Kohelet, Koheleth, Spirituality, Work with No Comments


Is there something particularly interesting about the Book of Kohelet? What is your personal take on it? What insights have you found? Does it contain the wisdom and secrets of God?


Kohelet’s wisdom has been an incredible inspiration to me. He writes to answer one question, “what do we gain from all our hard work on this earth?” Its a question every person upon the earth will ask themselves at one time or another. He looks at various goals people set their sights upon and concludes that when we pursue these as a end in themselves (wealth, wisdom, popularity, even religion) they let us down. But when we accept these as a blessing on our journey through life they are a great gift. This is why some see him as an optimist and some as a pessimist.

Personally I think his wisdom is a great foundation upon which to build your life.

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