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Vance loves to write stories and his most ambitious projects are novels which touch on the great wisdom found in Kohelet’s writings.

The Scroll

A fictional account of Kohelet’s life and the scroll he eventually writes (with much persuasion from his friend Benjamin). It traces his demise as the king’s chief librarian and his new life in the poorest quarter of Jerusalem. If you find The Art of Work interesting you will enjoy reading this account of when and why Kohelet penned those now famous words.

The Scroll is available as an ebook on the Canadian and US online Amazon stores or as a paperback (order here)

Sample chapters –   Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3


A trilogy of young adult books that communicate wisdom in an action packed format. More information regarding the series can be found at www.vancebooks.com.

The Hammer – Cor Series I

Cover art for The Hammer book by Vance NeudorfOn the eve of his fifteenth birthday Corvan discovers a mysterious stone hammer that unlocks secrets from his past and opens the door to an subterranean world teetering on the edge of civil war. Only the return of a standard of truth, embodied in the black hammer, can bring order back to the seven cities of the Cor. But lifelong dreams of being a hero are quickly overpowered by Corvan’s feelings of inferiority. How can a puny outcast embark on such a dangerous mission? When his best friend Kate is abducted by an evil ruler, Corvan must summon the courage to face his fears in order to rescue Kate and save an ancient civilization from destruction.

The ebook is available online at Amazon. If you would prefer a paperback copy click here.


The Medallion – Cor Series II

Cover art for the Medallion BookKate has spent her life waiting for someone to love her, but now even Corvan has turned his back on her. Kate is alone and afraid to trust anyone. A mysterious medallion from a secret underground world, the Cor, is her only source of comfort, but when Kate unlocks its power, it opens a door that will release an ancient evil upon the world. Unless Kate can find it in her heart to trust again, the cities of the Cor will be overrun by anarchy.

The Medallion is currently available as an ebook on the Canadian and US Amazon stores.


The Scepter – Cor Series III

Sceptre Book cover artThe Scepter is currently being written. It is scheduled for release at the end of 2016.