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Many blogs about finding meaning in our work spoke about the court stenographer who spent years typing random words at his job interspersed with the words “I hate my job.” I responded to a few with this post.

If you google “I hate my job” you get about 27 million hits. It is a sad to think that there are so many people who are wasting half of their waking hours, indeed half their lives, in jobs that do not provide any satisfaction. I have been in that place and know how demeaning it can be. But then I found a book of wisdom about the art of work that was written some 2500 years ago. It would appear this is not a new problem. The wise sage from 500 BC has a great perspective on work and what it can do for us. He reminds us to find joy in the simple things of life, friends, food, family and work. He says “I believe we should enjoy our food and find satisfaction in our work.” I have followed his teachings for the past 20 years and can testify that there is a way to break free of the “I hate my job” mindset.

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